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The orange agate has a unique natural pattern on each stone, like a small goldfish swimming in the water, combined with seaweed stone, it makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. ===== Please note the size of the hand circumference-can be made range 13cm~18cm ===== special size: you can ask modo privately (if you make children#39;s models under 13cm, you can get a discount of $50, 18cm~20cm The price increase is $50~$100). quot;Hand circumference measurement methodquot; 1. Soft ruler: lightly fit the thinnest part of the wrist and measure in parallel. 2. Straightedge, line: Use a line to measure the wrist bone and make a parallel circle, and use a ruler to measure the line length. Ps. Please tell me the actual measurement of hand circumference. Due to the different sizes of beads, 1.5cm~2cm wearing tightness will be reserved according to the measured hand circumference. quot;Natural Stone Energyquot; #海蓝宝(Aquamarine) 8mm The scientific name of aquamarine in Latin means quot;sea waterquot;, which can attract the abundance, silence, purification, and tolerance of the sea, forever Young, lucky gem. can eliminate tension, increase creativity, strengthen expression, communication skills, and increase persuasiveness, increase self-confidence, calm emotions, not be susceptible to external influences, and help protect yourself. Wearing sea sapphire when traveling has a calm and safe journey. It is especially suitable for industries that use language, conversation, and voice, such as teachers and salesmen. It can increase personal charm and self-confidence. #玛瑙(Agate) 6mm has been used as an anti-evil object and amulets since ancient times, symbolizing friendly love and hope. helps eliminate negative energy such as stress, fatigue, and turbidity. It is one of the most curative gems. It can eliminate mental excitement, tension and any continuous pressure, and make it easy to make new friends. Can promote wealth, happiness and longevity. #海草石( Seaweed jade) 6mm can eliminate mental excitement, tension and stress; balance the positive and negative energies of the body, and relieve pain in various parts of the body, make the mood stable, have the function of restful sleep and absorb irritability; can promote Prosperity, happiness and longevity; make it easy to make new friends. quot;Metal Materialquot; Brass :::Brass Maintenance ::: Like silver, brass is easy to oxidize. Rain, sweat and air will make it darker in color. But some people like this natural golden bronze color, but if you want to avoid this situation, the usual maintenance items: 1. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, and other chemicals... 2. If the gloss becomes dull, provide several simple cleaning methods. (Please note that if it is worn, the color can be restored, but the brightness cannot be restored.) 3. You can rub and wipe with a silver cloth. 4. If you wear it less often, you can wipe it with a silver cloth and put it in a zipper bag for storage. 5. Dip a toothbrush with foaming toothpaste or toothpaste, and brush it like brushing your teeth. This will restore the brass#39;s luster. Be careful to absorb the water after cleaning. 6. the lemon juice and dilute it, put the copper ornaments in and let stand for about 3 minutes to restore the brightness (not suitable for pearls and other natural beads that are afraid of acid) quot;Commodity purchase instructionsquot; 1. Processed natural stones matched for their beauty are marked with quot;Natural Stone Processing Optimizationquot; after the name of the product natural stone. We have undergone professional inspections before purchasing natural stones. However, counterfeit technology in the market is constantly improving, and we are also working hard to check , If genuine natural stones with marked efficacy are found to be counterfeit, we will be fully responsible, and there are also physical stores, so that customers can buy with more peace of mind. 2. It is impossible to buy natural stone jewelry with the same color and crystallization. Every stone will be different. There will be some ice cracks, not obvious mineral shortages, and the beads are slightly different in size. If you mind, please think twice . 3. Strictly selected sturdy and durable elastic cords. Normal use can last for more than a year before they become loose. Unless the cord is easily broken by external force, please feel free to wear it. 4. All photos are taken in kind, and there will be slight errors due to angle, light, and PC screen brightness. 5. The goods will be sent out approximately 2-5 days after payment, excluding holidays. 6. The bracelets, bracelets, and necklaces in this store are all attached with a warranty card. Products with a warranty card have a six-month warranty (for other warranty information, please read the contents of the warranty card). quot;Commodity After-sales Servicequot; In addition to receiving defective products, returns and exchanges for other reasons require payment of quot;round-trip shippingquot;. (available at this store private information inquiry. Or refer to the following quot;contact informationquot; Ask return information.) quot;contact informationquot; [Facebook] modomodo jewelry design [Instagram] modomodo2013 [ Official LINE] @kes1267o (@kes1267o must be added)